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An accurate estimate is a vital communication tool as well as a project roadmap from the budgeting phase through the completion of construction documents. CSG’s project team has significant recent experience in: cost control, feasibility studies, design estimating, construction estimating, building evaluations, budgeting, project scheduling, cost management, life-cycle costing, value engineering, cost-to-complete, change order evaluations and expert witness.

Cost Control / Budget Monitoring

A successful building program requires the synchronization of many elements, one of which is cost.  Cost control establishes compatibility between the building scope and budget.  The designer, cost analyst and owner work together to price each element in the scope based on building area quantity, design level and cost.  An initial test budget is established and then modified to meet all criteria levels through the design process.


In order to mitigate the possibility of construction teams running out of time and resources, construction scheduling services are available from conceptual design through construction.  Scheduling serves to ensure the correct match of labor, equipment and materials with the time line of project activities. In addition to helping construction teams stay within their allotted budgets, scheduling also prevents project delays by ensuring teams are better organized, more productive, and are able to reach their targeted completion goals.

Cost Planning & Budgeting

Cost Planning and Budgeting services are provided to the owner at project conception to help establish an accurate budget.  Including a construction cost analyst at this phase is a vital first step in ensuring project success. Cost Planning and Budgeting begins with communication with the design team to gain insight into:  site utilities, rough grading, contractor staging, site accessibility, and site condition.

Cost-To-Complete / Change Order Evaluation

Though most cost analysis services are produced during the design phase to track the project cost, there are times when services are needed during construction.  Costing Services Group provides Cost-To-Complete Estimates and Change Order Pricing Evaluations. In the event that a contractor is released from a project while under construction, a cost analyst may step in to determine the value of the work to complete the project.

Value Analysis / Value Engineering

Value Engineering is an integral part of the services provided by CSG.  Value Engineering is also known as Value Analysis, Value Management or trade-off cost studies. It is a detailed analysis of the whole project or components of a project that results in construction cost reductions, corrections, or optimizations.  An analysis is performed on a component-by-component basis in order to provide alternative materials and methods that can deliver equivalent results, at lower costs, without affecting quality level.

Cost Reconciliation

Estimate reconciliation evolves during the design phases and is concerned with both scope and cost. Scope alignment is the priority during the reconciliation process. It is important that the entire design team participates in the evaluation of the scope since the documentation is normally somewhat limited during Schematic Design and Design Development. Once the scope is consistent with design intent among all estimates, the reconciliation efforts can shift to an emphasis on pricing.

Expert Witness

Building projects are complicated and costly.  While most projects are completed without any major discrepancies in design, construction or finances, sometimes disputes arise that are turned over to the judicial system for resolution. Our cost analysts are experts in their field and can testify on the cost of project elements that may require clarification by legal entities in order to resolve disputes.

Construction Loan Management

Construction Loan Management services begin with a feasibility study. Program information including: site conditions, historical cost data, current market conditions and other factors are gathered and documented for accuracy.  Once the project’s feasibility is established, the cost analyst produces a project cash flow report that includes anticipated construction and soft costs including architectural/engineering fees, FF&E, property acquisition, and interest fees on debt.  This report, once submitted for review by a lending institution, will help set a project loan amount and schedule.

Building Inspection & Evaluation

Building Inspection and Evaluation services are performed to assess the current condition of a building and site to determine the cost to repair, renovate, or complete the project. After a thorough site inspection, the current conditions of the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems are evaluated along with contractor staging, site access, and other possible construction constraints. Once complete, the information gathered from the site inspection is assembled to produce a report detailing the findings and the costs associated for rectification.


Actual Project Estimate Variances

A successful project begins with an accurate estimate. Our results speak for themselves!

Project Estimate Bid % Variance
Fraternity House
Georgia Tech Campus
Atlanta, GA
$842,384 $838,000


Clayton County Municipality
Clayton County, GA
$2,246,833 $2,248,200


Arts Theater
Savannah, GA
$2,170,000 $2,180,000


Science and Technology Building
Up-fits & Renovations
Greenville, NC
$2,022,195 $2,003,200


Recreation Center
Atlanta, GA
$23,456,666 $23,398,006


City of Charleston Municipalities
Charleston, SC
$799,126 $804,888


Juvenile Justice Center
Dade County, FL
$4,146,408 $4,229,095


Baptist Church
Decatur, GA
$9,698,000 $9,550,000



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