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Celebrating 35 Years in The Construction Industry!

Professional Construction Cost Management

Costing Services Group, Inc. offers a variety of benefits to our clients.  Costing Services Group, Inc. presents to our clients an understandable relationship between architectural appreciation and project cost including construction and life cycle costs.

Costing Services Group, Inc. (CSG) prides itself on its ability to stay ahead of market forces to provide accurate, meaningful cost estimating and construction budgeting advice.

CSG provides a broad range of services from single phase building cost estimates to full Cost Management Services. For over 35 years, CSG has successfully participated in over 5,000 projects for more than 400 clients throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Asia.

CSG maintains professional relationships with several international costing and architectural firms around the world.  We encourage you to check out our Affiliations/Associations Page for more information.


Certified Professional Estimators (CPE) by the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE)